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Established in 2016, Tuten is a technology transformation company. We offer technical solutions by blending experience and vision. Our team of developers are skilled and proven in Industry 4.0, software design, mobile and desktop applications, IoT, and SAP solutions. As our customers can testify, at Tuten, we make good things easy. We are NZ based business people engaging in technology to create value to customers with simple and effective technology services and solutions.

Many companies today are excited by the arrival of industry 4.0

Machine learning, operational optimisation, smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance and factories of the future offer new and bold opportunities for change. Many consider the first steps of the journey to be based on existing data but success stories and case studies will provide assurance that success comes from people, processes and information.  We can support and advise you to prepare your people for industry 4.0. We offer an introductory programme to get people and process ready, including:

  • Change management for people and culture
  • Organisational design for your structure to support changing capabilities and capacity requirements
  • Systems and process review of effectiveness by design
  • Concurrently we can assess your data and propose a plan for transitioning to information dashboards

Essentially we will connect and integrate Industry 4.0 into your strategy, enabling Industry 4.0 to connect and integrate everything else

Real time, accurate data that is easy to use and has the same mobility as you.

We take your existing SAP approval and reporting data and transform it into a cleaner, simplified, efficient information for a better user experience.

  • Gain a competitive advantage with accurate real time information.
  • Gain an ROI of financial investment, resources and time.
  • Gain trust in your data and access on your mobility terms.

Development, maintenance and extensions of SAP Fiori applications, based on SAPUI5 standards, using agile methodologies to reduce risks and minimize implementation times. Our team has vast experience and highly regarded skills in SAP Netweaver UI and integration products.

Make better decisions on the move. Our easy to use dashboard solutions will fast become your team's favourite app.

Digital Transformation

We accompany companies in the digital transformation of their business processes through e- commerce developments, mobile and desktop applications.


Our team has vast experience in hybrid and native digital technologies, focused on mobility.


Providing the highest value to companies offering our experience in application development and maintenance.
We provide design and development for your mobile and desktop applications. We accompany new ventures and new processes with an improved cycle through the years that minimizes risks and allows working in a staggered manner as follows.


We have specialists in the Internet of Things area and we provide high-value solutions integrating physical devices to applications that support cross processes in various industries.

IoT and Machine Learning

William Thomson, British mathematical physicist (19th century), said “What is not measured can not be improved”.

Nowadays we can measure nearly everything.

With Tuten IoT platform we can help industries to improve their processes, increase efficiency and productivity with sensors providing big data information for Machine Learning prediction models and data analysis.

Tuten can provide sensors that can measure:

  • Vibration for industrial machines
  • Environmental temperature
  • Fluid temperature
  • Cold chain control
  • Fluid levels in tanks or rivers
  • Water quality
  • Air quality
  • Fluid flow measurement
  • People counting
  • Trash container volume
  • Reading of PLCs for reporting in the cloud
  • Satellite tracking of fleets
  • Industrial Process Control

About Us


We are an IT company that provides technological solutions, accompanying companies in the digital transformation, in order to enhance and improve their competitiveness.

Our values

Innovation and Professionalism

We have the best solutions and human resources.


Every project is successful when the work group pursues the same objective.

Transparency and honesty

We work on the needs of each individual client. We carry out surveys and audits with concrete and real data.

100% customer orientation

We seek long-term relationships, adapting to the needs and accompanying the client in his evolution.

Continuous improvement

We constantly seek to propose improvements to optimize your business.

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Kevin Sharpe, Director, Tuten Ltd


+64 27 703 4999

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Our Philosophy - Technology Craftsmen

“Information technology consulting has gone through several stages, first it was something new that a few could have, then it became accessible to companies and finally it became massive for anyone and within that mass it lost personality and essence, it is on the way to becoming a commodity. That is why you have to listen to the market again, specialize and have personality. We have assembled a team with the most important capacity, which is to understand the needs of our clients and offer them the services they need, following the philosophy of not conducting business opportunities. It is under this philosophy that we are committed to offering what we know how to do."

- Matias Karlsson, Founder of Tuten